Customized Treatments

Superior Treatment Planning and Delivery.

Dr. Murphy is the leading name in advanced periodontics and oral implantology in central Ohio. Innovative, authentic and experienced, he delivers treatment with a best-in-class experience that maximizes the investment you’re making in your health and appearance.

To identify and deliver optimal treatments, Dr. Murphy leverages:

  • Advanced digital technology for superior diagnostics
  • 3D modeling and digital treatment planning
  • Laser-based tools, when appropriate, for the least-invasive experience
  • Growth Factor Therapy and biometrics to facilitate speedy treatment recovery
  • Synthetic grafting materials for optimal foundation support using a less invasive approach
  • Authentic communication to address and alleviate concerns
  • Safe, measured sedation for superior pain management

Optimal Results, Superior Experiences 

Throughout central Ohio, Dr. Murphy is the leading name in periodontal care. Are you facing complex dental work? Do you need dental implants? Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Murphy.

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