I've been referring my patients to Dr. Murphy for the past two years. He provides the highest level of care in a friendly, patient-first environment. You won't find better care in the Columbus area.

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Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Based on your needs and your customized treatment plan, we work with you to create a personalized sedation solution to help you relax and rest easy during treatment. Our experienced team monitors you closely throughout your procedure, ensuring your comfort every step of the way.

Experience Matters

As central Ohio’s leading Periodontist, Dr. Murphy offers patients a wide range of advanced sedation methods that are safe, predictable, controllable, and reversible. With his conscientious approach and extensive experience in all aspects of sedation treatment, he is highly recommended by referring doctors and patients alike.

  • Certified in I.V. sedation
  • Vein visualization technology, AccuVein AV400
  • Predictable, controllable sedation
  • Reversal agents on premise
  • Priority on patient safety

Modern Sedation Advantages

  • Manage pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Permit longer treatment times
  • Enable more complex procedure in fewer visits
  • Allow patients to remain conscious without pain awareness

Other Treatment Solutions Include:

  • Impacted Tooth Uncovery
  • Orthodontic Facilitation
  • Tooth Socket Preservation
  • Oral Pathology Biopsy
  • Crown Lengthening and Shortening
  • Vestibular Shortening
  • Sinus Lift/Augmentation
  • Occlusal Analysis and Adjustment
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Vestibular Lengthening
  • Guided Tissue Regeneration
  • Smile Enhancement
  • Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenesis
  • Ridge Augmentation
  • Frenulectomy
  • Botox® for TMD
  • Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique
  • TeethXpress

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