Restore Healthy Gums and Smiles With Gum Grafts

Receding gum lines are restored with Dr. Murphy’s minimally invasive, research-backed gum graft techniques. Patients enjoy fully restored gum lines with a brief recovery time.

Why Dr. Murphy for Gingival Augmentation?

  • Recognized expert in tissue structuring
  • Advanced digital technology and diagnostics delivers superior treatment planning
  • Synthetic grafting materials replace the need to use patient’s existing tissue
  • Enhanced results and accelerated healing utilizing concentrated growth factors
  • Stimulates and shifts healthy gum tissue and restores smiles

Dr. Murphy restores the health and appearance of gum lines through proven, minimally invasive techniques. Schedule a consultation today to initiate your treatment.

For years, both my dentist and hygienist had mentioned tissue-grafting for my gums. I had heard several stories of it being painful, etc. Finally, I had gotten to a point where my recession was causing sensitivity and I didn't like the look of it. Based on the referral from my dentist, and his reputation, my surgery was performed by Dr. Dan Murphy. They made me comfortable asking questions and gave me even more confidence with both their answers and my results. I appreciated the follow up care, as well. I feel lucky that I had such a good experience, with managed pain/swelling and only mild discomfort at my donor-site (the roof of my mouth). And I'm so happy with my results: healthy gums that look nice and natural.

— T. Martin, Patient

What are Gingival Grafts? 

Gingival grafting and augmentation are techniques used to resolve a condition called gingival recession. This condition is caused when a patient experiences the loss of gum tissue and/or bone from the front or back of the tooth.

Gum recession is most frequently caused by poor hygiene techniques and clenching/grinding of teeth. If gums recede far enough, the nerve endings of tooth roots will be exposed leading to significant pain and the potential of cavity development within the nerve. As gums recede, so does the underlying bone which compromises the jaw bone that anchors the affected tooth.

What is My Next Step? 

Dr. Murphy is a widely recognized periodontist who can revitalize the health of your gum line with the least invasive, most effective procedures.

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