Most advanced periodontal office in Central Ohio

Highly successful treatments with minimally invasive procedures are the hallmarks of Dr. Murphy’s innovative approach to dental care. Drawing on the most advanced research in his field, Dr. Murphy provides exceptional outcomes through his superior use of proven technology and precise methods.

Innovative technology ingrained in Dr. Murphy’s approach includes:

  • Laser tools, like FDA-approved PerioLase laser to resolve gum disease
  • Alternative synthetic grafting materials recreate bone and tissue
  • Cone Beam 3D technology provides optimal diagnosis and treatment planning
  • AccuVein AV400 vein visualization improves IV stick success and procedure safety
  • Growth Factor Therapy facilitates speedier healing and recovery times
  • Digitally-guided surgery for dynamic and extremely accurate results

Superior Results, Optimal Experience 

Learn how Dr. Murphy can exceed your expectations in dental care with advanced treatments, innovative techniques and modern technology.

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