Comfortable Treatments with Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Murphy utilizes sedation methods that are predictable, controllable and reversible. With a measured and safe sedation approach, patients benefit from an optimum experience.

  • Priority on patient safety
  • Optimum treatment experience
  • Full range of sedation options
  • Certified in I.V. sedation
  • Predictable, controllable sedation
  • Reversal agents on premise
  • Vein visualization technology, AccuVein AV400

Dr. Murphy’s conscientious approach and experience in using I.V. sedation for sensitive procedures makes him the top choice for patients and doctors in central Ohio.

I've been referring my patients to Dr. Murphy for the past two years. He provides the highest level of care in a friendly, patient-first environment. You won't find better care in the Columbus area.

— Dr. Jonathan Wooten

A Safe, Measured Approach To Sedation. 

Dr. Murphy identifies the most appropriate sedative for each patient’s needs and goals. At all times, patients are closely monitored to ensure proper reaction to sedative agents.

Sedation enables patients to manage pain and remain comfortable during long or complex procedures. At Capital City Periodontics and Oral Implantology, it’s a ready offering available to patients at all times. Our goal is to optimize your experience and increase your comfort level without compromising your day. Thus, sedation agents that are easily reversible are often preferred.

AccuVein Vein Visualization

If you’ve ever felt like a pincushion while getting an IV started or having your blood drawn, the technology that we are using at our facility will be a welcome relief. We have now implemented the AccuVein AV400, which lets us see vessels that we might not otherwise see by providing a roadmap of the vasculature on the skin’s surface.

The device has been shown to improve first stick success and reduce patient pain. IV starts and blood draws can be easier when the veins are visible, making them easier to stick. Vein visualization has been a game changer that leads to safer procedures and happier patients!

Why Dr. Murphy? 

Dr. Murphy works closely with a licensed anesthesiologist and is certified in IV sedation himself. Patients can rest assured that they have the most advanced, safe, and measured sedation options available to them.

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