When patients do not have enough healthy jaw bone to successfully maintain their existing teeth or support future dental implants, a graft may be in order. Dr. Murphy utilizes a superior approach to bone grafting techniques to help patients gain a healthy foundation for their teeth.

Boasting success rates of 86-95%, Dr. Murphy’s approach includes:

  • Comprehensive approach to deliver optimal long-term results
  • Digital technology to facilitate the least invasive techniques
  • Alternative synthetic grafting materials for real-life results
  • Extensive knowledge of physiologic behavior of grafts
  • Growth Factor Therapy to stimulate faster healing

Dentists and patients throughout central Ohio recognize the value of Dr. Murphy’s innovative methods and unmatched experience. Schedule a consultation to discover what’s possible for your smile.

I had a grafting procedure done 5 years ago with Dr. Murphy and had absolutely no problems; everything was explained quite well to me before the procedure and I was kept very comfortable throughout. As a dentist myself, I can honestly say you will receive excellent care with Dr. Murphy. He pays attention to detail and is friendly, caring, gentle and professional. I would definitely entrust him with any care in the future.

— Dr. Andrea Mulholland

Advanced Bone Graft Treatments 

With advanced bone stimulation techniques and synthetic grafting materials, Dr. Murphy is able to rebuild jaw bone in order to create a healthy foundation for natural or replacement teeth.

Jaw grafts are often needed when the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease causes the bone supporting teeth to deteriorate. Bone grafts also benefit patients who have had their teeth removed. In these cases, the jaw atrophies to the extent that proper function and esthetics are compromised.

A bone graft is a bone-like material that is fused with existing bone tissue in order to create new healthy bone structure. With Dr. Murphy’s approach, minimally invasive techniques speed up the body’s natural healing process in order to deliver exceptional results with less swelling and discomfort.

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