Top 10 Questions Patients Ask Before Treatment Begins

We routinely field similar questions from our patients. To help alleviate your potential concerns, we have compiled our responses to the top 10 questions we frequently hear by new patients.

Patient Questions 

Are you in network?

We work with most major insurance networks. Our staff will work with you to ensure you get the maximum coverage for your care, whether or not we’re in your network.

Will I experience pain during my treatment?

Dr. Murphy maximizes your comfort throughout each procedure with the integration of minimally invasive procedures, local pain relief treatments, and the optional use of I.V. sedation. Over the counter and prescribed pain medication alleviates discomfort during recovery.

Will my treatment be expensive?

Our fees match other area periodontists. Most importantly, Dr. Murphy only suggests the treatments that you need in order to guarantee healthy teeth and gums.

Is your practice easy to find?

We are located in the Gallery Level in the iconic Huntington Center Building. This location provides easy access from all major interstates and highways. See our location information here.

What's parking like?

We offer validated parking in a dedicated parking garage. An elevator takes you to the front door of our practice, making parking the easiest option you’ll find with a downtown business.

Will I have to take time off work?

Due to Dr. Murphy’s commitment to minimally-invasive techniques and flexible treatment planning, patients rarely miss extended periods of time from work. In many cases, patients return to work the same day or next day.

Do I have to be knocked out?

Dr. Murphy only recommends the level of pain relief each procedure requires (such as local numbing for a routine filling), but he is happy to accommodate patients who experience anxiety or prefer to use I.V. sedation for pain relief. He is fully trained and certified in the safe use of sedation, which provides relief without patients losing consciousness.

Do you take emergencies?

We work hard to accommodate emergencies and same day treatments whenever possible during normal business hours.

Will your office communicate with my dentist?

Throughout your treatment planning and treatment delivery, we communicate consistently with your dentist. In the event that your treatment requires additional finishing work by your general dentist or orthodontist, we closely coordinate treatment timing and methods to deliver optimal results.

Have a Different Question? 

Our staff is always prepared to address your questions and concerns. Simply contact us with your question and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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