Optimized To Your Smile Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? Need to replace a compromised tooth? We understand that you want a natural-looking solution in as little time possible.

Dr. Murphy’s authentic approach combined with his unmatched expertise delivers optimal implant results for your smile.

Your treatment experience includes:

  • Advanced diagnostics with 3D-cone beam imaging
  • Digital modeling and implant placement planning
  • Close coordination with your general dentist
  • Computer-guided implant placement technology
  • Replacement of compromised or missing bone and tissue structure
  • Faster healing process to get to the tooth stage

Dr. Murphy believes in authentic care and innovative treatments. You will be fully informed of your options and supported with the most well-researched, proven techniques. Why trust your smile with anyone else?

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Dr. Dan Murphy placed an implant for me, and the whole procedure was done perfectly from start to finish. His hygienist David was also amazing to work with and made me very comfortable. They made the whole process easy and painless. Not only is Dr. Murphy the best periodontist, he is caring, kind, and empathetic. As a patient and dentist, I want only the best work. I can highly recommend Dr. Dan Murphy for my patients and others.

— Dr. Jenny Stern

An Innovative Treatment Approach. 

A dental implant is about much more than placing a titanium screw. It’s about laying the optimal foundation for a natural-looking replacement tooth. We call this the “crown down philosophy.”

Before placing a dental implant, Dr. Murphy envisions the final look of the replacement tooth. He identifies where the replacement tooth needs to be placed and how it needs to sit along the jaw to mimic a natural smile. This allows him to determine the optimal placement and trajectory of the implant. From this point, the treatment is computer modeled to create a digital surgical guide that ensures extremely accurate, predictable results.

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If you have been referred to Dr. Murphy by your general dentist, or are independently looking for a periodontist to replace your teeth, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Murphy to discuss your unique needs.

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