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Dr. Murphy has worked with dentists and doctors throughout Central Ohio, delivering an exceptional, compassionate and authentic experience for patients. Here's what a few of Central Ohio's most respected doctors are saying about Dr. Murphy's work.

Passionate. Professional. Sincere. Supremely talented. I can’t think of enough good things to say about Dr. Dan Murphy. He has been an advocate for patients and dental professionals for as long as I have known him. His skill is unmatched. His knowledge reaches far beyond the scope of periodontics. In short, he cares about the whole patient, not just their gums. He has treated multiple staff members and my own mother. I can’t think of a higher endorsement.

— TJ Imm, DDS

I consider Dr. Dan Murphy to be a leader in the field of periodontics. His vast knowledge of dental conditions (not just limited to periodontics) and their treatment make him a phenomenal resource for his patients and fellow dental colleagues. I know my patients under his care will understand their treatment needs and his plan to bring them back to a healthy mouth and a healthier life. The results have been fantastic and I am grateful to have Dr. Dan Murphy in the Columbus area to care for my family, friends and patients.

— Dr. Melissa Mariani

Without any hesitation, I have referred and will continue to refer my patients to Dr. Dan Murphy. There is never any doubt in my mind that my patients will receive top notch care. I refer to Dr. Murphy because I know he practices in a comprehensive manner. He has extensive training in techniques and treatments that other periodontists simply do not have. I tell my patients exactly this "you can see any periodontist that you want, but if you want the best, you'll see Dr. Murphy". His laser treatment of periodontal disease and cutting edge gingival grafting techniques make him a superior periodontist!

— Dr. Kimberly Michalak

Being a general dentist, there are many situations that require sending my patients to a specialist. It is absolutely essential for me to be sure that my patients are receiving the best possible care when I do have to refer them out of my practice. With Dr. Murphy, I have complete peace-of-mind. There are so many reasons that I entrust him with my patients from his surgical expertise to his technological knowledge to his compassion for his career and genuine care for patients. Simply put, he treats my patients the way he would treat his own family.

— Dr. Adam U. Gibson

When I refer my patients to Dr. Daniel Murphy I am confident they will receive the best periodontal care available today. He has in depth knowledge, extensive expertise and great communication skills. In addition to all these qualities he has assembled an exceptional team and build state of the art facility to provide periodontal treatment and dental implants for patients in our area. We are really lucky to have Dr. Murphy as a clinician and a peer.

— Dr. Katya Yankelevich

Dr. Dan Murphy placed an implant for me, and the whole procedure was done perfectly from start to finish. His hygienist David was also amazing to work with and made me very comfortable. They made the whole process easy and painless. Not only is Dr. Murphy the best periodontist, he is caring, kind, and empathetic. As a patient and dentist, I want only the best work. I can highly recommend Dr. Dan Murphy for my patients and others.

— Dr. Jenny Stern

When I refer my patients to Dr Murphy, I know they will get excellent care from a highly skilled periodontist. I also know they will be treated with compassion and integrity...just as he'd treat his own friends or family. Dan has provided top notch care to my patients for over 7 years and now that he's opened Capital City, I look forward to working with him, especially on implant cases, for many years to come.

— Dr. Rich Delano

I've been referring my patients to Dr. Murphy for the past two years. He provides the highest level of care in a friendly, patient-first environment. You won't find better care in the Columbus area.

— Dr. Jonathan Wooten

As a general dentist I have to make a decision daily on where to send my patients when they require specialty treatment. I do not take this decision lightly. I expect the specialists I entrust with my patients care to treat them with the highest standards of quality and personal care. Dr Murphy has been meeting and exceeding my expectations for many years. I look forward to many more years of working together to give our mutual patients the very best modern dentistry can offer.

— Dr. Abe Hoellrich

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Patients and doctors alike speak highly of the compassion, integrity and results they receive at the hands of Dr. Murphy. See what makes his approach to patient care renowned throughout Central Ohio.

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